Exercising as an asthma sufferer is a challenge. You have to work to find activities that get you moving without triggering your asthma symptoms. Seasonal allergies come with a similar set of challenges as well, but we’re here to help. With these tips you can take control of your fitness once again and exercise despite your asthma and allergies!

Exercising with Asthma

Asthma can be debilitating, but asthma treatment is designed to help you overcome your condition. Properly controlled asthma is defined by asthma that doesn’t prevent you from doing normal activities, and that includes exercise! Your doctor should place you on a preventative medication that reduces your asthma symptoms and arm you with a rescue inhaler in case the symptoms begin to show. That being said, some exercises will be better tolerated by asthma sufferers than others.

Cardio exercise is fine, but it should be done in short bursts rather than long periods. Volleyball, wrestling, and baseball are a few examples of asthma friendly activities. On the other hand, distance running or soccer will likely pose a problem. Cold weather tends to trigger asthma symptoms as well, so try to skip out on the ice hockey.

Swimming and water aerobics are a great option for asthma sufferers because the moist environment helps prevent asthma symptoms. If you find that all exercise triggers your asthma, speak with your doctor about developing a new treatment plan that works for you.

Exercising with Allergies

Allergies are very different from asthma, but they can affect your exercise nonetheless. Begin with preventative allergy management before you try to exercise.

Antihistamines and nasal sprays are the most effective forms of preventative management. next, consider your allergies when choosing your exercise schedule. Allergy sufferers typically notice less symptoms after a rain because the moisture suppresses the pollen. If it’s dry and windy outside, try to find an indoor exercise that you can enjoy.

Staying away from the allergens are the easiest way to avoid your allergies! Seasonal allergy sufferers could benefit from cold weather activities as well because the allergens are naturally less during that time of year.

If you need to clear up congestion and irritation before you exercise, a simple nasal rinse with sterile or distilled water will offer almost instant relief. Talk with your doctor to learn more about what steps you can take to put your allergies on the backburner.