At AFC Fairfield, we’re here to provide with healthcare services that keep you healthy outside of the doctor’s office. Many of these services include wellness-related health appointments that ensure you are staying healthy and making important health-related decisions. 

Wellness services, preventive screenings, and wellness specialty referrals can help our urgent care staff address key chronic disease factors including blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, blood sugar, and behavioral/substance issues.

At AFC Fairfield, we’re here to provide you with a variety of wellness services from our team of board-certified physicans and urgent care staff. 

Wellness services at AFC Urgent Care Fairfield

  • Diagnostic exams for blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Weight management and wellness decision-making
  • Chronic disease screenings for conditions including coronary heart disease and diabetes
  • STD screenings and tests
  • Coordinated care and referrals from physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical aides 
  • Lab tests to diagnose infectious diseases
  • Preventive vaccinations for common diseases and viruses

Patients that want to take advantage of our wellness services should call ahead to AFC Fairfield at 203.583.8400, or visit us as 1918 Black Rock Turnpike. In addition, patients don’t need an appointment to visit us. Simply walk in and we’ll be with in just a few short minutes!

You can always schedule an appointment in advance online if you want the most streamlined wellness care service around! Contact us today! 

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