Older members in your family require immediate healthcare services in order to live out their years with little interruption or any other major hurdles. Frequent healthcare options and access to geriatric urgent care services at AFC Urgent Care Fairfield are necessary to ensure older adults get the medical care they need.

Additionally, urgent care provides a fast, affordable, and reliable alternative to traditional medical facilities. For example, if your doctor can’t see you or the ER wait times are over an hour then urgent care may be a great place for common medical services.

Urgent care services for older adult patients

Urgent care provides a great resource for older patients 60 and over to get the medical services they need to stay happy and healthy. Most of the time, urgent care is much fast, accessible, and affordable for older patients that need fast and budget-friendly medical options. Here is just a short list of critical healthcare services we provide our patients of all ages:

  • Injury treatment: Older patients are likely to experience sudden falls or slips that can lead to troubling injuries. Get injuries treated and evaluated at urgent care! Our medical team can triage urgent, non-emergency injuries and x-ray other injuries.
  • Blood tests and lab testing: Geriatric patients need blood tests and lab tests to ensure that any current medical conditions aren’t worsening
  • Preventive exams: Blood pressure screenings and cholesterol screenings are crucial to ensure that older adults are maintaining any current chronic conditions.

If you have any questions about our geriatric urgent care services, please contact us at 203-583-8400 if you have any more questions.