A big part of preventing the flu virus is knowing how, and where, the flu virus is likely to spread. Certain publicly shared spaces and environments have a greater chance of increased flu activity versus staying outdoors for prolonged periods of time. The flu is extremely likely to spread in public spaces because of the confined areas that help the virus travel via airborne means. The flu is more likely to pass through direct contact, such as touching hands with an infected patient, or through airborne transmission.

Schools are a common space where the flu travels rapidly

Younger children between the ages of 6-12 usually have the highest incidences of flu activity and infection than other public spaces. The result of this is usually children that haven’t quite learned how to stay hygienic and still need to learn a lot of basic hygiene skills

Teachers, school staff, and school nurses do their best to teach children how to stay healthy and safe during flu season. A school will likely hold a special assembly in order to prevent the flu and teach proper hygiene

Additionally, middle and high schools are also likely to see upticks in flu activity since the close proximity of several students can quickly cause a flu outbreak.

Office settings and shared workplaces are likely to lead to the spread of the flu!

An office setting or a workplace is also likely to cause a significant risk of the flu for most employees. When an employee is sick, make sure they are staying home!

Many employees may feel obligated to continue working even though they show signs of having the flu. As more employees come into work sick, the flu is more likely to breed and spread.

The flu is attributed to significant delays in production as more workplaces become infected.

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